What is a micro motor?

We have talked a lot about micro motors before, such as the application of micro motors, the principle of micro motors and so on. What is a micro motor? At present, there are still many people do not know about micro motors, many people think that it is a small motor, in fact, micro motors in addition to small size, also has the advantages of ordinary motors do not have.

Micro motor for micro motor, on the size less than 160 mm, 1 ~ 24 v voltage of the motor, were only a few mm general common micro motor, hundreds of mm is more rare, micro motor is often used in the control system or drive mechanical load, the classification of the micro motor is various, can be roughly divided into miniature dc motor, stepping motor, linear motor, etc.


Although the micro motor is small in size, its internal structure is very complete. Take the rotor of the miniature DC motor as an example, it is composed of four parts.

First, armature iron core

The armature core is the main part of the main magnetic circuit of the micro DC machine, which is used to place the armature winding. Most of them are stacked with silicon steel sheets to reduce the eddy current loss and hysteresis loss generated in the armature core during the operation of the micro motor.

Two, armature winding

The main function of the armature winding of the micro motor is to produce electromagnetic torque and induced electromotive force. In the miniature DC motor, the armature winding is made of a number of coils wound and made. Generally, enamoured wire is used, and copper or silver wire is used if there are special requirements.

Three, commutator

In the micro DC motor, commutator and brush are the key factors for the continuous rotation of the micro motor. Their main function is to change the current direction, so that the micro motor continues to rotate (brushless DC motor is commutated by Hall electronics, there is no commutator and brush).

Four, a shaft

The rotating shaft of the micro motor plays a supporting role for the rotor rotation. The life of the micro motor is also related to the quality of the rotating shaft, which requires a certain mechanical strength and stiffness. Most of them are processed with round steel. Micro motor structure in addition to the above, there are housing, back cover and so on.

I believe you have understood what micro motor is. For more information about micro DC motor, please continue to pay attention to Jianxin Micro motor.


Post time: Aug-10-2022