The effective output voltage is 1.7 times of the traditional three-line motor, and the PDL six-line motor control chip company “Shanhe Semiconductor” accelerates the landing of household appliances, electric vehicles and other industries

Since the “double carbon” goal was formally proposed in the 14th Five-Year Plan in 2021, all walks of life have been actively practicing the concept of green, energy saving and environmental protection, and further improving their energy saving advantages through innovative technologies.

From the semiconductor point of view, motor control chips as one of the key components affecting all kinds of electrical equipment, it plays a huge role in managing energy efficiency. A few days ago, 36 krypton came into contact with “Sanhe Semiconductor” is a company focused on research and development of three-phase six-wire motor control chips and modules.

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Shanhe Semiconductor was founded in December 2018 in Hong Kong, China, PDL, mainly for home appliances, robots, electric vehicles and other markets, research and development of motor control chips and modules, to help customers improve product motor energy efficiency and performance, achieve cost reduction and efficiency. In August 2021, the company has successfully produced the first IC chip P2830, mainly used in DC fans, and now the second IC P2850 has been basically designed.

In fact, China, as the world’s largest small and medium-sized motor production, use and export, a wide variety of motor products, the whole small and medium-sized motor industry has maintained a high growth trend, widely used in household appliances, medical equipment, power tools, commercial equipment, personal care and other fields.

In terms of market share, prospective Industry research estimates that China’s motor market will account for 30% of the global market in 2020, while the United States and the European Union will account for 27% and 20% respectively. In addition, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association small and medium motor branch of 63 enterprises statistics show that in 2020, China’s small and medium motor industry industrial output value of 62.706 billion yuan, industrial sales value of 61.449 billion yuan.

In the large small and medium-sized motor market demand, motor control IC market can not be underestimated. If only considering the annual production/sales of refrigerators, home air conditioners and home electric fans in China, the total demand for motor control chips or modules in the home appliance market reaches at least 456 million pieces annually. At the same time, according to foreign statistics agency Yole Developpment, the global motor module market is expected to reach $1.32 billion in 2023 (about 8.34 billion yuan).

At present, in the field of motor, the traditional three-phase three-line motor has an inevitable energy loss of nearly 10%-25%, and its high energy consumption is increasingly difficult to meet the increasingly strict production environmental protection regulations of all walks of life. At the same time, its low unit voltage torque speed also makes the product performance development gradually encountered a bottleneck, not to mention the high material cost of chip production process put forward higher requirements.

Liu Zhentao, founder and CEO of Sanhe Semiconductor, told 36Kr that years ago he invented a patent on the structure of a multiphase AC motor and its driving circuit, which was successfully patented in the United States to protect the use of a three-phase six-wire brushless DC motor. Simply put, the performance of a traditional three-phase three-wire motor can be improved only by partial modification. However, in his opinion, the biggest difficulty in the implementation of this technology lies in the shortage of supporting products in the supply chain of three-phase six-wire motor. There is almost no motor control chip suitable for six-wire technology on the market, which is also an important reason why he decided to set up Shanhe Semiconductor.

Now, the first chip P2830 of Sanhe Semiconductor has been successfully distributed. The chip has a built-in field effect tube with a maximum voltage of 20V, a maximum current of 1A and a maximum output power of 20W, which can cover more than 70% of the DC fan market. When the maximum power output is greater than 20W, another package of the P2830 can drive the external fets to address the limitation of the maximum power requirements.

Post time: Mar-22-2022