How big is the market size of the motor industry

The development of motor products in the world has always followed the development of industrial technology. The development process of motor products can be roughly divided into the following development stages: in 1834, Germany’s Jacobi made the first motor, motor industry began to appear; In 1870, The Belgian engineer Gram invented the DC generator, dc motor began to be widely used; At the end of the 19th century, alternating current appeared, followed by alternating current drive in industry gradually widely used; In the 1970s, there were many electronic devices; MAC company put forward the practical permanent magnet brushless DC motor and drive system, the motor industry has emerged in new forms, after the 21st century, there have been more than 6000 kinds of micromotors in the motor market; The production base of developed countries is gradually shifting to developing countries.


High efficiency and energy saving policies promote the rapid development of global industrial motors

Motor is widely used in today’s world, and it can even be said that there may be motor wherever there is movement. According to ZION Market Research, the size of the global industrial motor Market in 2019 was $118.4 billion. In 2020, under the background of global energy consumption reduction, the European Union, France, Germany and other countries and regions will launch efficient and energy-saving policies to accelerate the development of the global industrial motor industry. According to preliminary estimates, the global industrial motor market in 2020 is estimated to be usd 149.4 billion

The United States, China, Europe motor industry market scale is large

From the perspective of the scale division of the world motor market, China is the motor manufacturing area, and the Developed countries in Europe and America are the motor technology research and development area. Take micro motor for example, China is the world’s largest producer of micro motor, Japan, Germany, the United States is the leading power of micro motor research and development, control most of the world’s high-end, precision, new micro motor technology. In terms of market share, according to the size of China’s motor industry and the total size of the world’s motor industry, China’s motor industry accounts for 30%, the United States and the European Union account for 27% and 20% respectively.

The United States, China, Europe motor industry market scale is large

At present, the world’s top 10 representative motor companies are Siemens, Toshiba, ABB Group, Nippon Electric corporation, Rockwell Automation, AMETEK, Regal Beloit, Tron Group, Franklin Electric and Allied Motion, mostly located in Europe, the United States and Japan.

The future of the global motor industry towards intelligent, energy-saving transformation

The motor industry has not realized the complete automation of the production and manufacturing process worldwide, and still needs the way of combining manual and machine in winding and assembly processes, which is a semi-labor-intensive industry. At the same time, although the general low-voltage motor technology has been relatively mature, but in the high-power high-voltage motor, special environment application motor, ultra-efficient motor and other fields, there are still many technical thresholds.

Post time: Mar-22-2022